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How Much should you spend on an engagement ring?

Author Robert Bulwik / Category Jewellery / Published: 27/08/2019

Many men struggle to make a budget for the engagementring. Social expectations and social media try to make you believe you need a fortune to propose to your girlfriend with a decent engagementring. The need to buy an expensive engagementring was created by diamond company ‘De Beers’ around the time of World War II. They made a strong marketing campaign called ‘A diamond is forever’, that stated that you should propose with a diamond worth your monthly income.
Over time, this silly notion grew to two and even three month’s salary. It's highly unrealistic, especially since it considers gross income rather than net.

Following the three months rule, if your monthly income is 2500€, you should spend 7500€ on an engagement ring.
You will be saving money for months to get to that amount. So despite what jewellery-shops may want you to spend, not proposing because you don’t have the right budget is never a good idea. Bottom line: do not use this rule. Deciding your budget for the engagement ring based on your income is the biggest mistake you can make!

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1) What’s your budget?

Here are some things to help you determine your engagementring budget:

      1. - Your current income: How much do you earn? Is this a fixed job, or does it fluctuate?
  1. - Your expenses: Things like food, bills, and any debts you're currently paying, like car payments or house loans.
  2. - Your savings: How much can you actually save per month if you cut down on things you don’t really need? How much money do you have on your savings account?

Using these three factors, you are able to determine how much you can spend on that engagementring. Ideally, you want to be able to buy the ring without getting a loan. If you do get a loan, make sure you are able to pay off the debt in a couple of months. We advise you not to loan any money and instead save some money for 2 or 3 months until you have the budget you think is best suited for your financial situation.

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Rather than the man deciding the budget alone, many couples are having this conversation together. Talking about the cost of the ring may not be romantic, but it's important. After all, finances merge when you get married. Think about your future together. The best way to make sure you're both happy is to have an honest conversation about expectations and finances. You'll also be happy to get an idea of the style she likes instead of making a big guess. After all, there are a lot of options out there.

Do you want to save money for a new car or house? Or maybe taking that once-in-a-lifetime dream trip together is more important. Then figure out how the engagement ring fits in with those goals. If you're going to share a life together, you should be able to talk about your financial future, and how much you want to spend on the wedding. Expensive is not the same as thoughtful: If you're going broke buying a ring you can't afford, that's not showing you care, that's just stupid. Sure, your bride may have a beautiful engagement ring on her finger, but will she be happy if you're struggling to pay the bills every month because it was out of your budget? Plus, there are other ways to show you care without going broke. Spend more time on planning the proposal to make it an unforgettable experience!

But remember to treat her as seriously as you treat yourself: If you spend quite a lot of money on your own hobbies and gadgets, then you should be willing to spend just as much on her ring. Don’t be that guy, who does not get that this is something very important for her.

Did you know?
-50% of women say that they rather have a wonderful proposal instead of a large engagement ring. The proposal is one of the most special moments of a girl's life, make sure she get’s what she deserves.
-40% of women want to be involved in the ring selection process. Read our beginner's guide to diamonds so you know what your buying.

2) Who’s the bride?

If your woman loves simplicity and she’s more into elegant, delicate jewelry, you may go for our classic engagement rings which don’t necessarily have to cost much money. But if you’re sure she’s expecting a huge rock, then make an appointment in our showroom and ask our diamond expert to choose from our selection of high quality diamonds.There’s no doubt about it, the ring matters. An engagement ring is the symbol of your love and commitment for each other. It’s an investment in a shared future.

Many women have dreamed about their perfect engagement ring since they were young. She probably knows what style, diamond shape, etc. she wants you to buy. It'll be a big disappointment to buy a ring that's not really what she was hoping for. Gather all the information and examples of the ring she wants and bring it with you when you come to our showroom. Don’t forget to have a look on her pinterest and instagram account!

3) What are others paying?

On average Europeans pay around 2500€ for an engagementring. Our statistics show that most men in Belgium spend a little bit less, 90% buys a ring between 1500€ and 3000€. For smaller budgets we have little engagementrings that cost no more than 400€, because we work with precious metals (18carat gold) and real natural diamonds we can not offer you anything below this price.

And for the big spenders we can propose bigger diamonds with an exceptional quality, there is no limit in price, you can make it as expensive as you want. But keep in mind question 1, does your budget allow you to buy that expensive engagement ring?


Set your budget, think about it real hard.
Consider talking about the ring with your girlfriend.
Make sure you buy the engagement ring she was hoping for.
Only spend what you can afford and make the proposal unforgettable!

— Robert Bulwik