Bulwik is a family owned company that has been active on the international diamond market for three generations. That is why Bulwik is located in the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp. A perfect place for a modern jewelry brand which makes timeless diamond jewelry both fashionable and affordable. Our innovating business model is bringing the jewelry industry to a new level. The Bulwik brand is inspired by the timeless elegance of modern fine jewelry, and the desire to combine experienced craftsmanship with innovative design. Every piece from the Bulwik collection aims to please and surprise.

We are a young and ambitious digital native brand which is the result of pure passion for the brilliance of diamonds.

We combine the craft of our experienced goldsmiths with the latest modern techniques of the jewel industry such as 3D printing and 3D modelling. We believe that with the combination of quality and craftsmanship, we can create the perfect piece of jewelry.  

If you are looking for a special gift, something personal, you’ve come to the right place. We are able to make high quality jewelry that takes your breath away.

Our desire to share the joy and to be there for all of life’s unique moments is what makes us special, that is why we are more than just your preferred jeweler. Bulwik specializes in the art of gifting, beautiful design and precious diamonds. Our clients receive the highest quality and the best price.


We are passionate about developing a more transparent and affordable jewelry industry. We go above and beyond the current standards to offer Conflict-free Diamonds that have been selected for their ethical origins.

Our diamond experts buy rough diamonds in Africa directly from local diamond traders who are dedicated to ethical sourcing. For on demand polished diamonds we use our extensive network of Antwerp diamond traders.

All Bulwik diamonds are Kimberly certified and 100% guaranteed conflict-free.


When possible, Bulwik jewelry can be engraved with your personal message, engraving is always free. All Bulwik pieces can be produced in white, yellow or rosé gold depending on your style or preference.

If you wish to design your own engagement or wedding ring, the Bulwik Bridal service offers the ultimate personalization experience. Read more about it under Custom.

We’re happy to welcome you in a stylish environment where you’ll feel at home, thanks to our friendly, accessible and helpful team. Visit us in our showroom in Antwerp.


On our webshop, Bulwik offers designs that can be personalized to fit your taste. All jewelry can be produced in white, yellow or rosé gold. The diamond shape or size can be modified according to your wishes and budget. We also offer the same rings with sapphire, ruby or emerald gemstones.

If you did not find what you are looking for, we can help you in our showroom and make a unique custom design. Feel free to make an appointment and visit our showroom, we will gladly take the time to assist you. Bulwik is specialized in making custom engagement and wedding rings. As this takes more time and effort, custom design prices start upwards from 800euro.

As we know from our own experience, these days it’s hard to find time. That is why we are also available after office hours for custom designs. Every day from 18-20h and on Saturday mornings. Make an appointment on our contact page.

Our Team

Robert Bulwik
General manager and Diamond expert.

Sarah Bulwik
Freelance marketing and sales consultant.

Alan Bulwik
Freelance IT and design consultant.


Apart from being the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp is also renowned for its fashion heritage. The city boasts one of the world's oldest academies and one of the most renowned fashion colleges. Many alumni belong to the top of the international fashion scene. Antwerp prides itself on workshops and stores of fashion talent from Antwerp and elsewhere. Add to this the trendy stores and exclusive concepts, and you get a good picture of fashion in Antwerp. Thanks to all these different facets, Antwerp is considered an outstanding fashion and shopping city, with good reason.

Bulwik believes jewelry is first and foremost a fashion item. But it is more than just a fashion accessory, it represents your own personality. Jewels can be perfect for showing your personal style, in the most elegant way.

Every collection Bulwik designs is a representation of our own visions and dreams, designed to add more beauty to your world. Our jewels are created for women who want to balance class and playfulness. Inspired by elegant lines and shapes, always making you feel confident and pretty.


Bulwik delivers uncompromised high quality. Each piece is handcrafted in 18karat gold by a skilled Antwerp goldsmith. We offer a perfect combination of pure craftsmanship and modern-day techniques.

Our jewelry is made with love and passion for detail.
Bulwik is a testament to our continuing commitment to quality. In all aspects of our business, quality control is our main focus. In the end, it’s our customers input and feedback we value most.
Our diamonds are 100% natural, conflict-free and certified by a diamond grading laboratory as a proof of quality. For certification we work with HRD and GIA.

Bulwik is committed to maintain the highest standards of social and economic responsibility. Our jewelry is crafted with precious metals that have been carefully sourced to reflect a commitment to social justice. Therefore, we make it our business to know who we work with. We collaborate with suppliers that source their materials in an ethical way. We only sell ethically sourced precious diamonds, extracted by responsible small-scale and artisanal miners.


Bulwik delivers an exclusive selection of high quality jewelry at prices that represent exceptional value.

We continuously strive to improve our product and our processes. We achieve our objectives by investing in our people, our processes and our technology. At a time when Antwerp is the world leader in the trade of diamonds, Bulwik is offering the best of what Antwerp has: quality, consistency and reliability.

We don’t hold an expensive inventory and operate only a small efficient showroom. That means our overhead is lower than traditional jewelers and we can offer lower prices to our customers.

Our efficient business model allows us to offer high quality diamond jewelry at prices that are unique in the industry but reflect the intrinsic value of the jewel. You pay the real price for what you get.



Every piece of jewelry you purchase from Bulwik will be delivered with free ensured shipping. Bulwik jewelry is always packed in our lovely velvet jewelry boxes. Your order is handled with the greatest care and attention, as if it were our own. We are always available, before, during and after your purchase via mail, chat or phone. Most of our orders are delivered within 20 working days. In case you do not like it, you can return it, no questions asked. If you love it, we offer a product warranty. Rest assured.


Bulwik wants to share in the satisfaction of life’s special moments whether it’s a sweet-sixteen, Christmas present, Valentines day gift, romantic proposal or just for the pleasure of giving. Every moment can be special, if you want it to be.

Our ‘moments’ collection features jewelry pieces made for any occasion.

Affordable prices

We give you prices that are cost-based,
so you only have to pay for real value

Learn about diamonds

Check out our blog for guides or make an appointment
and talk to one of our colleagues

Only the best

We have top quality diamonds
and use the industry toughest quality standards


Sofie Mangelschots
29 jaar, Brasschaat

“ Buying wedding rings in Antwerp? In the classical jewellers shop you'll be waiting in line for at least half an hour on saturday. We made an appointment with Bulwik, and when we arrived, the staff was waiting for us and took their time to help. Thanks to their advice,
we found the perfect wedding rings! ”

Jonathan Vermeersch
31 jaar, Deurne

“ My fiancé and me did'nt know anything about diamonds. Because diamond jewellery is not something you buy every day, we wanted to be sure of our choice. Bulwik gave us the perfect guidance and we knew right away wich rings matched our style. ”


Kaat Borgmans
27 jaar, Schelle

“ As millenials we did'nt have a very big budget, so first we looked at some poor quality rings. Then we heard about Bulwik and by our surprise we could buy high quality diamond rings for a reasonable price within our budget.”

Jürgen Boeckx
34 jaar, Herentals

“I'm a man that doesn't like shopping. Especially if I have to stand and wait in a long line. So I made an appointment with Bulwik and I never had to wait, they were waiting for me and took the time to help me in my search for a ring. I appreciated that they gave me an extensive explanation because I didn't know anything about diamonds”

Robin Adams
46 jaar, Lier

“As with many men, I was a little bit lost when trying to find the perfect engagement ring. I was afraid of choosing the wrong ring and letting my girlfriend down. Thanks to the advice of Bulwik, my fiancee is very happy with her engagementring”


Katarina Ivanov
23 jaar, Antwerpen

“A woman proposing to a man? No, you don't see it that often. But for Bulwik that didn't make any difference. Together we chose a ring for my future husband that is stylish yet very masculine. He was defenitly surprised and he said YES!”

Buying a Bulwik jewel is at least as much a good experience as wearing one. There is no better way of enjoying that experience than to visit us in our Bulwik showroom or on our webshop.

We have a showroom in Antwerp and can receive clients for custom designs in Brussels as well.

Find us at Lange Herentalsestraat 62, 2018 Antwerp.


In short, Bulwik is a top-of-mind brand that opts for honest, timeless jewelry. Whether you’re shopping online or in our showroom, our jewelry and diamond experts are committed to you, and to creating a fun, relaxing, and educational environment.


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