How to keep your proposal a secret?

One of the key questions for most men is how to keep everything a secret for your girlfriend? We have divided the answer in 5 steps. Read the full article and try the method you think is best suited for your situation. Or just try them all!

1. Plan ahead

Nothing will happen until you ask your girlfriend to marry you, so take your time and make a plan. Think of every step you need to take, from this moment until the moment she says ‘yes’. If you bring it up in a random conversation, she might not notice. But if she is expecting a proposal, be very subtle! Just make sure you’ve given yourself enough buffer time to do what you need to do.

If you see a piece of jewelry in a commercial or movie and she comments on it, ask her why she likes or dislikes it. Make her feel like you are just interested, don’t push it to much. Let her take charge of the conversation with your guidance. And most important of all, listen to what your girlfriend says!

Another way is to let a friend or family member show her a new piece of jewelry she recently bought. Let them ask her what she thinks about it, and check her reaction and comments. You’ll not only get a better idea of what style she likes, but you might get around to getting her to reveal the size.

2. Download our ring size guide

If part 1 didn’t gave away her ring size, go download our ringsize-guide and discover how to get her size without her knowing. Be sure to print it at 100% and measure to check if the sizes are correct.

3. Wait until she sleeps

If you know she had a hard week at work, or an even harder weekend going to party’s, that’s the moment you take action. Wait until she falls asleep, then wait another 30 minutes to be sure. Engagement- and wedding-rings are worn on your left hand ring finger, the finger next to the pinky. Do not measure the wrong finger! Grab a small string or piece of paper and lightly wrap it around the base of her finger. When you pull it away, mark the length of the string with a piece of tape or marker. Or use the cut-out from our ringsize-guide.

4. Go for the jewelry box

If you think measuring her finger while she is sleeping is to tricky, just go for the jewelry box. When she is not at home, take a look at her jewellery box. Try to find a ring that she recently wore on her left hand ring finger. If you want to be 100% sure, take more than one ring. Check if the ring has a round shape and is not deformed in any way. The inside diameter is what matters! Use our size-guide for easy measurement! If not, measure the inside diameters on the ring(s), take the average diameter and calculate the circumference (=diameter x 3.14). Check our table on the ringsize-guide to see what size corresponds to your measurement.

Another option is to make an appointment in our showroom, take the ring(s) with you. We will then measure them to give you the exact ring size. But be sure to return the ring before she notices!

5. Ask others for help

If everything above is not working, ask for help. There are always a few people willing to help, but think carefully about who you are going to ask for help. Choose someone who will definitely keep it a secret.

Ask her mom

If you’ve asked her dad for his daughter’s hand, her mom will probably already know that the big event is coming. Ask her if she knows her daughters ring size, of if she can subtly ask her daughter without triggering alarm bells.

Ask her friends
Your girlfriends engaged or married friends can be very helpful. If they talk about their own wedding plans, it’s easy for them to ask your girlfriend about her own wedding dreams. If they’re inventive or willing, they can let her try on their rings, and report any information back to you.

You might even be able to encourage them to make a day of it. Have the women go shopping and conveniently end up in Fosbury & Sons, where they can try different rings, and her girlfriends can determine what size ring your girlfriend wears. Make sure to make an appointment in advance. MA an appointment in our showroom so we can keep tabs of what rings she tries on and what her proper ring size is. Have one of her friends make up a story or simply say they want to have a fun girl’s day and try on jewelry for their own.

Ask your friends
Do you have a friend who is also planning to propose? Have him ask your girlfriend for help. Probably she’d be more than happy to tag along to our jewelry store to model a few rings for him or give her opinion on style. While she thinks she’s doing your friend a big favor, he’s actually the one helping you out.

Ask her
Does she have a birthday coming up or big accomplishment you’d like to celebrate?

Tell your girlfriend you’d like to take her to the jewelry store to pick out a special gift, such as a bracelet, necklace or earrings. While you’re browsing the many items under the glass, have her try on some rings for the fun of it. If you don’t want to make the suggestion in fear of giving away the proposal, send us an email in advance and we will help you out!

While you look at things in the case, the jeweler can offer to pull out some rings. Your girlfriend might not be able to turn down the chance to try something sparkly on her finger.

The bonus here is that you get to give her a special gift and find out her exact ring size at the same time.

Another option is to make an appointment in our showroom, take the ring(s) with you. We will then measure them to give you the exact ring size. But be sure to return the ring before she notices!

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